Alysia Reiner OITNB Interview

Alysia Reiner, actress on Orange is the New Black. Mandatory on page photo credit: Josh Merwin/Creative Culture-IDAlysia Reiner who plays Lisa in NO LETTING GO was interviewed recently and talks about NO LETTING GO.  You may recognize Alysia from Orange is the New Black where she plays the role of “Fig.” Alysia also has a reoccurring role on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder.

Here is a snippet of the interview.

Outside of producing, what projects are you currently working at the moment that you can tell us about?

Yeah I’m doing a bunch of movies this summer. I just wrapped two. One’s called Ava’s Possessions. And I call that like — It’s sort of like “The Exorcist” meets “Memento”. It’s about a woman possessed by a demon and the movie starts when she wakes up from her possession and trying to figure out what the heck just happened. It’s really fun and I play one of the people that she met along the way. And then I just did another film called No Letting Go and that’s a really beautiful film about mental illness in kids, which I chose to do because its something that people don’t really talk about and what do you do when your child has mental illness and how do you walk through that and how do you handle that.


That was really exciting and fun. And then I have two more coming up. One is called The Other Side about sexual abuse in the Hasidic community. And then the other one is called The Networker, which is a sort of modern re-telling of Death of a Salesman. I have a bunch of other movies that will probably come out sooner than those because those all I just shot. But there’s a few — if you look on my IMDB there’s a bunch that should be coming out soon hopefully. The one I shot with Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton will be out sooner than later. That was a great one.

To read the full interview CLICK HERE


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