INFLUX Magazine’s Follow Up Review

Following up ‘No Letting Go’ (2015)

Combining an exceptional film with a very important cause.

by Martin Hafer

No Letting Go ArtIn the last few months, I have found two truly unique films and it’s been a privilege bringing them to the readers of Influx.  What makes them so unusual is that both were projects by 40 or 50-something women who had absolutely no experience in filmmaking…but both believed so strongly in their social causes that they threw common sense out the window and jumped into the filmmaking world.  And, amazingly, the results of both films are truly exceptional and are among the two best films of 2015-2016.

The first I brought you was a review of Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance by Deborah Ortiz.  Ortiz’ husband was a cop and like too many of these first responders, he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder brought about by the hellish things most cops encounter on the job.  Folks weren’t talking about this tragic situation…so this spunky lady took it upon herself to make the film about it even though she didn’t attend film school!  Yes, Ortiz wrote, directed and produced the documentary and is now taking it to impressed audiences at film festivals across the country where it continues to win awards.  In fact, the debut audience who saw it with me in Tampa gave her a standing ovation…and it was a truly touching moment.

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