March 30, 2016




“No Letting Go is a…master class” “It’s message of not letting go, never giving up, is one we all need to hear and see”

  Huffington Post

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“…a must-see movie about childhood mental illness. No Letting Go is a powerful film that gives voice to families all over the world who are silently suffering… share this film with your family and friends. I think this film does an excellent job of bringing aware-ness without adding to the stigma that already exists.”

  Mental Health Advocate

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“When I watched No Letting Go, I was immediately struck by how perfectly the film cap-tures the sheer frustration, fears, and barriers that a parent faces in trying to help ease the suffering of an ill child. Few films that I have seen about mental illness are as spot on… captivating, compelling and poignant!”

  Best-Selling Author & Mental Health Advocate

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“A+”…”There is so much I love about this movie”…”Absolutely marvelous” – InFLUX Magazine

  InFLUX Magazine

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“The true performance and at the forefront is CHERYL ALLISON who stars as Catherine Spencer”… “For any family dealing with this illness, this movie conveys an experience that might echo. It also gives others a window that hopefully helps to provide understanding”

  Delmarva Life

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“No Letting Go…Worth Holding On”…”ALYSIA REINER was authentic and inspiring…” “14 year old Tim played brilliantly by NOAH SILVERMAN”….”The film moved me…”

  Vulture Hound Magazine

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“This is a film NAMI families can truly identify with. We often think of our lives as having a before and after. “No Letting Go” beautifully captures that – the slow slide into mental illness which many of our families experience and then the volcanic eruption that finally occurs and changes our lives forever. Best of all there are no villains in the story. Although it is told from the mother’s perspective we see everyone in the family struggling to cope with the pain and anger they feel and find a way to get their lives back on track. In the end this is a hopeful film that anyone can identify with who has had their life turned upside down by a personal tragedy and struggled to find answers.”

  President NAMI Queens/Nassau

“Brought me to tears…. incredibly personal and realistic”

  Better Mental Health Magazine

“A tremendously inspiring and moving film that captures both heartache and hope of a family living with mental illness.”

  Huffington Post

“This film is an honest, gripping portrayal of what it’s like to learn that your child has mental illness… Far too many families suffer in shame and silence. Yet “No Letting Go” also offers real hope. With treatment, children can survive and even thrive. I am so grateful for this film–my biggest fear is that the people who need to see it most (those who are not living with this and who continue to blame parents for their children’s brain disease) will not see the film.”

  Writer, Educator, Mental Health Advocate

“The short time I had on the set of NO LETTING GO and behind the scenes spending time with the family that inspired this story- was moving and enlightening. Mental illness does not take a backseat – But rather,in this film, shines a deserving, dramatic, breathtaking light on it.
It was a pleasure to be a part of this project.”

  Actor (“Dr. Nancy Harris” in No Letting Go)

“I have a nephew-in-law who had just had a bi-polar episode and I read about NO LETTING GO. I so believe in art and film as a way to start conversations, gain more acceptance and healing around the stigma of mental illness, and so I offered my services.”

  Actor (“Lisa” in No Letting Go)

“The movie interested me because of the subject matter, the people involved and working near where I grew up. It was a truly rewarding experience on many levels.”

  Actor (“Henry” in No Letting Go)

“The intense emotional struggle and pain this family goes through pulls at the heartstrings, but the perseverance and triumph make the heart soar.”

  Associate Producer of No Letting Go

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