March 30, 2016

The Cast



NO LETTING GO brought together some of the best actors in the business.

 For a full cast list please visit the film’s IMDB PAGE Click here »

Our cast includes:

Cheryl Allison – Catherine Spencer

Richard Burgi – Henry Spencer

Kathy Najimy – Dr. Nancy Harris

Alysia Reiner – Lisa

Lee Bryant – Emily

Janet Hubert – Dr. Stacey Slater

Lisa Roberts Gillan – Dr. Maynard

Noah Silverman – Timothy Spencer (14)

David Schallipp – Timothy Spencer (10)

Jan Uczkowski – Kyle Spencer (17)

Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick – Kyle Spencer (14)

Julian Murdoch – Jessie (10)

Jack McCarthy – Jessie (6)

Gabriel Rush – Frank

Neal Huff – James

Tony Gillan – Principal Collins

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   Images by Ted Astor Photography

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